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Breatharian Philosophy

Breatharianism is the philosophy that teaches that when man aligns with his or her natural state of being, man will be in perfect harmony with The Infinite Creator; requiring no water, sleep or foods.

“Love All People And Accept Love From All People” — Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Breatharian Wiley Brooks is the original creator and the original founder of The Breatharian Philosophy (i.e., Breatharianism) and the word Breatharian. If there is anyone that can and does have the authority to define and explain what a Breatharian and what Breatharianism is all about, it is and always will be Breatharian Wiley Brooks.

Breatharianism and what a Breatharian is are two different things. Breatharianism is the philosophy that teaches that when man aligns with his or her natural state of being, man will be in perfect harmony with The Infinite Creator, and require no water, sleep or foods. A Breatharian is one who breathes or one who can, under the proper conditions, live with or without eating physical food.

Everyone is a Breatharian even if they are still consuming sleeping, drinking or consuming certain foods. Even if they think they are not a Breatharian and don’t know the word, they are a Breatharian because they are the vibration of what a Breatharian is. If you are a living breathing being upon the planet and within the universe, you are a Breatharian.

Even if you do not know it, your natural state of being is a state of being in which you require nothing because you are one with The Infinite Creator (i.e., Creative Source). Therefore, when human beings remember their true self and fully step back into their natural state of being, the human being will no longer require physical expressions of sustenance such as water, sleep and/or food.

Wiley Brooks Did Eat Food

During the Breatharian Tomorrow Show Interview, Tom Snyder mentioned that Wiley Brooks would have an occasional glass of fruit juice. While being interviewed, Wiley stated that he was not against eating and that he didn’t recommend fasting (i.e., dry fasting) until the blood of the body is cleansed. Wiley made it clear that he was all for eating and not telling people to live a life without eating.

Following the year of the Tomorrow Show interview, Wiley released his Breatharian Yellow Diet via his book Breatharianism: Breathe and Live Forever in which he clearly detailed that one must first cleanse their blood via throuough detoxification and be in a environment that is complementary to a Breatharian Lifestyle of Non-Eating in order to physiaclly thrive without sleeping, drinking, and/or eating.

Later on in his later years while being interviewed by Bill Jordan, Wiley Brooks stated that the purpose of making it known that man could live without sleeping, drinking, or eating (i.e., living on light) was for the purpose of opening up people’s mind to the idea that human beings could do something far beyond what we have been taught to beleive that we can do.

Within the book Breatharianism: Breathe and Live Forever, Wiley listed the fruits and foods he expiermented with for 17 years (from around 1964 to 1981) in which he had discovered himself as a Breatharian. Clearly, if anyone were to read this wonderful book, you would know that Wiley did eat foods and that he would have never asked anyone to starve themselves to death.

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