The following text was taken by me from Wiley Brooks’ 1982 Book: Breatharianism: Breathe & Live Forever by Wiley Brooks. I find this text to be quite insightful and useful for those who are just now discovering Breatharianism and for those who desire clarification more on what Breatharianism is.

  1. Breatharianism is the philosophy that teaches that when man reaches his perfect state of health and natural state of being, he will be in perfect harmony with his Creator and require no food.
  2. People will starve to death without an intelligent plan to regain strength. The habits we have acquired throughout our own lives are those which we must learn to overcome so that we can return to our original state, that of .the nature of Breatharianism.
  3. We are basically living within the Breatharian philosophy when we are not ignoring others around us and treating others as ourselves.
  4. Breatharianism is not anti-food but rather is an education as to what is “food and what is “non-food.”
  5. Breatharianism has been a way of life since the creation of the Universe. Not until man took his first taste of food did he begin to deviate from perfection and continued to do so to the stage where he is at now.
  6. Breatharianism is not something we become but rather something we rediscover. For perhaps fifty thousand years or more, people lived in harmony and peace until fear, hatred and greed began to spread suffering amongst the masses.
  7. Breatharianism is a discipline very similar to any other habit we have created in our lives. It is up to each and every one of us to find our own way to become the best human being possible.
  8. Professor Hotema is a well recognized author of ”Man’s Higher Consciousness” in which he proceeds to enlighten people about the Ancient Mysteries and the laws of Creation, a very important area in gaining the entire knowledge of Breatharianism.
  9. Wiley Brooks has rediscovered that food is an addiction and should be treated in the same manner as an alcohol or drug addiction.
  10. By learning what these enemy foods are, we can quickly get control of our bodies and stop being a nation of over-eaters, thereby gaining control of our environment through a higher consciousness of living.
  11. The lighter the body, the more energy it has.
  12. Thoughts that are perfect will produce perfection; thoughts that are imperfect will produce imperfection.
  13. We must begin to pay attention to ourselves and not so much to the world going on around us, and not to fear life but instead to create life.
  14. In order to change our attitudes in life, we must begin to learn by faith in the beginning stages of growth. Once we begin to feel the Truths, we can begin to really live them, one at a time.
  15. Clarity of mind enables all individuals to seek the Truths that are inherent in all human beings.
  16. We must begin to stop eating poisons in order to stop the aging process and to begin to take control of our own bodies instead of letting our bodies control us.
  17. Breatharianism is combatting the intake of all poisons including drugs, alcohol and smoking which is damaging our younger generation irreparably.
  18. We are discovering the ultimate survival techniques as our nation is continually racing towards self-destruction.
  19. The need to sleep is one of the warning signals that your body is shutting down with an overload of toxins.
  20. Learn to set spiritual goals just as you set material ones.
  21. Indiscriminate food combining can result in an explosion of the body.
  22. Continuous overeating is a sure way to an early grave.
  23. One cannot be healthy without first planting the seed of desire. Once the ”ideal” is held in the mind, then it is conceived in the soul.
  24. Let go of all the old superstitions and fears and let your health be satisfied instead of relying on medicines (drugs) for a false sense of health security.
  25. Disease is only a result of sin and forgiveness is an important factor in healing.
  26. To be able to send love to all people and to be able to accept it from all people regardless of their lifestyle is to increase the longevity of your own life.
  27. We must begin to live in the NOW. Breatharianism is not just for the authors but it lives inside all people if they will just clear the smoke screen of ignorance.
  28. Learn more about the foods in your poisons: coffee addiction, alcohol, water, cigarette smoking, chemicals, food colors, flavoring agents and thousands more.
  29. Breatharianism emphasizes the need for all of us to seek the indwelling quiet power within us, that quiet still voice that will guide us to perfect harmony, balance and health

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