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Breatharian Brandon Dey

Director of The Breatharian Institute of America

Brandon was divinely prepared (by Breatharian Wiley Brooks) to lead the Breatharian Institute of America; spreading the information that we the gods need in order to consciously create that which our Heart desires. Brandon specializes in Feeling the core essence of physical and nonphysical manifestations.

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Below is some information from a system known as Human Design, about Brandon’s ‘Incarnation Cross’. It is a brief description of the basic driving force, or program, that according to this system, he was born with, based on the time and place of birth.

A Note From Brandon

“You are driven to know and have a mental understanding of all that you encounter in life. This lead force will drive you to go over and over things until you have a solid understanding. This force will give you purpose, like the ocean waves polishing the stone on the beach you will return to things, to experiences and to memories; to go over and over, looking for that deeper understanding of how it all works and fits together. This is an individual drive so it is more likely you will use your gift as an example or an individual contributor as most of the rest of us do not have the patience to go over things so many times”.

When I was 20 years young, I went on an almost year long vision quest, where my third eye was opened and I was thrusted to understand spiritual warfare, firsthand. I also lived with a gentleman for about two months who insisted that I read and listen to all KINDS of conspiracy material (including William Cooper’s (RIP William) ‘Behold A Pale Horse’) . At that young age, after “being raised in the South” aka being indoctrinated in heinous stupidity on the grossest levels, my mind was BLOWN. I had no idea what sanity was, or any idea how to get it. Really, it was the hardest time, trying to integrate back into society. This was a desire that I didn’t realize at the time, could never happen. I was never to integrate ‘back’ into this “Suiciety”.

About a year or so after this vision quest experience, I found Zendik Farm and my first Teacher, Wulf Zendik. It was by good grace that we mever met in this life, as Wulf went on the next great voyage months before I arrived. Long story short, the Philosophy that Wulf wrote, literally saved my life. I still bring the things he talked about, to Life. Cosmic Responsibility (We are responsible for literally Everything within our imagination and in the world, our creation. There is only One who can create the world I want to live in), Living Therapy (working out our problems in the rub of life, with our Family of choice), the Genius Potential Principle (everyone is a genius and the job of a healthy culture is to bring out the genius in everyone), and Ecolibrium Communalism (living in harmony with Gaia), to name a few. I bring this communal, Familial Mind into all aspects of the Breatharian Institute of America. Zendik Farm eventually devolved into a cesspool of hypocrisy and a bullshit hierarchy that was based on how long you were there and how much one served the hidden desires of the elite. I did not excel in this environment, but still see the promise of Wulf’s work.

About Brandon

Because of this early training, Brandon directs the Institute in a way that is very communally minded, always with this bigger picture of creating Heaven of Earth, in mind. He Remembers the ORIGINAL AGREEMENT We, the Human Family made Together: As long as One of Us is suffering, ALL of Us are suffering.

Brandon Dey was the first student to complete a BIA Workshop, and therefore inherited the Institute and the information, therein. Wiley tasked Brandon with the blessing to bring the Breatharian Institute into it’s fullest expression as an Institute of Higher Learning, in the business of building Heaven on Earth.

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