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Breatharian Brandon Dey

Director of The Breatharian Institute of America

Brandon was divinely prepared (by Breatharian Wiley Brooks) to lead the Breatharian Institute of America; spreading the information that we the gods need in order to consciously create that which our Heart desires. Brandon specializes in Feeling the core essence of physical and nonphysical manifestations.

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Below is some information from a system known as Human Design, about Brandon’s ‘Incarnation Cross’. It is a brief description of the basic driving force, or program, that according to this system, he was born with, based on the time and place of birth.

“You are driven to know and have a mental understanding of all that you encounter in life. This lead force will drive you to go over and over things until you have a solid understanding. This force will give you purpose, like the ocean waves polishing the stone on the beach you will return to things, to experiences and to memories; to go over and over, looking for that deeper understanding of how it all works and fits together. This is an individual drive so it is more likely you will use your gift as an example or an individual contributor as most of the rest of us do not have the patience to go over things so many times”.

Breatharian Brandon’s Biography

Brandon understood by the age of three that there was no one in his family or immediate environment that could help him with what he viewed as a very real problem in the world. This problem was that everyone was separate from themSelf. Even his brother who was only a year and a half older than him was in this altered, fractured state. To him, it was as if people were shells and somewhere within the shell was the Real Being, but he could never experience and communicate with this Real Being within others. This shell hid the real Self and somehow he was in a world where everyone agreed that this was the way it was. To him, this was a heart wrenching reality that he could work with, but not accept as the way it must be. This prompted him to use the only power he seemed to have at the time, the power of his divine imagination. With this faculty, he diligently formed his adulthood from the age of 3, until he was 8, to come back to his Original Self when he could ‘think for himself’. From his perspective, this was a superpower that all adults had. They could decide to do things like go to the store and just go and get whatever they want! His diligence in this process was compounded by the experience that certain mechanisms in this world were forcing him to experience this same separation from One Selfness, and become fractured as a Being. This was a full time job, as he understood that people were by in large, fractured, and if he forgot this Truth, there is no way that he could help the world to heal from this malady. After all, being the One that We Are is the most important thing for we humans. The pain of living finally took it’s toll and from the age of 8 to 19, he slept. As a side note, when this sleep began and the Real Self moved into the recesses of his consciousness, his favorite toys to play with were Legos. Within everything he built, there was an escape pod.

At the age of 19, he embarked on a year long vision quest. This marked the beginning of his awakening and the reemergence of what was hidden, within. During this experience, he was exposed firsthand to the unseen world, as well as spiritual warfare. This was the beginning of his personal awakening and it was a rude awakening, indeed. Here, he set a president that he would continue to follow, of gathering experience through Life, rather than through books, the schools of man, and listening to people’s often parroted theories.

In 1999, at the age of 22, Brandon met his first teacher, Wulf Zendik, through Wulf’s creation which was known as Zendik Farm. Zendik Farm was an artists’ cooperative commune/cult that was famous for it’s slogan ‘Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution’. Though Wulf left his body shortly before Brandon arrived on the Farm, he still credits Wulf and his writings for helping to save his life. Adjusting to ‘the world’ after the vision quest proved to be not only a daunting task, but actually an impossible one. We can truly never go back. Wulf’s writings helped Brandon to accept not only his own responsibility to create a world without needless suffering, but also gave him the cultural understanding to see that it was indeed the world that was crazy and not him.

In 2004, after years of perfecting his physical body and meditating to get the mind under control, Brandon came to a clear conclusion. While he instinctually understood that he was a spirit in a human body, he felt that because of the way his body was setup, the physical body actually had more power and control than his spirit. Because there was no amount of meditating that seemed to take care of this problem, he decided to take the physical body’s power down so that one day the spirit could take it’s rightful place at the helm. This process took about 7 years and culminated with his Initiation into the Sacred Heart, through the Trial by Fire.

In 2008, Brandon connected with his Teacher, the Father of Breatharianism, Wiley Brooks. This marked the beginning of Brandon’s physical entrance into the physical plane known as Earth Prime. They began their relationship as if they were two long lost friends. Brandon first met Wiley on the television show ‘That’s Incredible’ in 1981, when Mr. Brooks chose to introduce himself to the world by lifting nearly 10 times his weight. At 4 years old, Brandon knew Wiley was his “older brother who came before” him, so when they met again later in life, he never doubted Wiley was who he said he was, “a breatharian god from the world above this one”. Wiley was a walk-in soul who never actually had a veil. He saw the unseen world and was completely involved in helping with what he called ‘The Ascension Plan’. Brandon’s respect for his elders and willingness to learn from one who had authority about which he spoke, allowed him to be still, attentive and quiet enough to gain the full teachings of Wiley and the Breatharian Institute of America. From his perspective, the single most important teaching he received while under the tutelage of Wiley, was what he dubbed ‘The Wiley Technique of Divining’. Wiley claimed that he brought this technique from the world he came from. He also claimed that this was the method of divining that we utilized in Lemuria (Mu) and Atlantis, as well as other advanced civilizations of the past, and that we indeed use it as a group, in the Future world. This technique would help Us to once again restore Divine Free Will among the Humans of Gaia. Divine Free Will is a state in which the Human has ALL of the appropriate information it takes to make informed decisions regarding our day to day lives and the trajectory of our evolution as a group. Wiley and Brandon agreed that without all of the appropriate information needed to make decisions, we do not have this High state of Free Will.

In 2011, Brandon began the Trial By Fire Initiation. This involved a near death experience and nearly a year of meditating over 12 hours a day to deal with the incredible pain associated with walking through a wall of fire. During this time, he lived with Wiley and learned the Wiley Technique of Divining.

In 2012, Brandon began an Immortality Workshop with Wiley, traveling to the vortexes that contain the Immortal energies of the Arc of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. The purpose of the Workshop was and is to anchor the energies of immortality within the physical body. This Workshop took around 3 years to complete, as it takes time to develop these energies in the system to the point in which they dominate the physical human biomachine.

Since the completion of this Initiation and his physical movement into the energies of Immortality, Brandon has learned many things that will aid in his mission to form the physical Heaven on Earth he so desires to live in. These new skills include the hands-on knowledge of how to build spiritual and physical structures using hemp, lime and char. This is a specialized skill in which these structures themselves, which have a negative carbon footprint, meditate for their custodian. In this way, it works similar to a temple, or any holy structure. Ideally, when you enter a temple, the design of the temple helps one to shed karma as they enter. Brandon has developed a method of doing this in a way that it in the future, it will be possibile for everyone who wants such a structure, to have one. In this way, your home will meditate for you. The Home, after all, is where the Heart is.

He also makes and locates specialized products, that match the Higher Self energy of the buyer. These include proprietary organite, whose crystals and metals match the specific Higher Self of it’s holder, to stuffed animals that match the specific Inner Child of it’s partner. The efficacy and potency of such finely tuned devices cannot be overstated. To all who pursue Empowered Enlightenment or simply Joy, these tools can exponentially excellerate one’s evolution.

Brandon currently resides in the New Mexico Republic, with his partner, Corrianne. He is the Director of the Breatharian Institute of America and is working to build what he calls ‘Organix on 66’ in Tucumcari. The later is a business front for his communal and philanthropic ventures in which he will show the world what a few dedicated Beings can do, when they work as One. In the future, Tucumcari is a desert food oasis, with a 9th Dimensional Hotel, and is the first city in so-called modern America that has no hunger, due to the wisdom and hard work of the Breatharian Institute.

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