Breatharian Philosophy (i.e., Breatharianism) — Breathe & Live Forever

Breatharianism teaches that when man harmonizes with his natural state of being (i.e., perfect state of health) he will be in perfect harmony with his Creator; requiring no water, sleep or food. Man is one with his creator; able to dervive sustenance directly from the light/love of his Creator; removing the need for water, sleep or food.

When human beings reach their purest state of harmony with the so-called surrounding world, as well as a complete understanding of each individual’s role as a function of God to co-create the universe, then they will have achieved a vibrational frequency on this material plane where they will no longer require water, sleep or food.

Man, in his natural state of oneness with his Creator, has unlimited abilities as his Creator; Breatharianism is just one way of exposing the truth in that we are all God. Being able to live with or without eating matter is just one way in which man can express his limitless abilities as The Infinite Creator; there are many other things man can do as God.

The physical body that is healed exists as a body of perfect health and well-being. The body, in a healed state, is a body in its perfect state of health. Health is always represented by a body in perfect joy and peace; requiring no ire water, sleep or food. Any body can rejuvenate itself back to this perfect state of health if the mind has released fear.

Human beings are mind/body/spirit complexes; not just physical bodies. The higher mind of the human being is not within the human body; the human body is within it. The physical mind is the mind that exists within the human body. The physical mind is the mind that acts as a tool for the higher mind to use in order to function in the physical dream.

The human body of any human being acts as a physical instrument of the human being’s higher mind; the physical body is a reflective mirror for the higher mind. The physical mind is allowing the higher mind to communicate with it when it functions spontaneously with discernment upon what is most joyful (i.e., exciting) in any given moment.

When the mind fully remembers The Law of One, the mind will be returned to love (i.e., free of fear) and the body will be healed from all sickness. The Law of One states that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.

All methods such as meditation, cleansing, fasting, etc. are all mindless magic if the one does not practice The Law of One. You are one self, united with your Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and in peace. Be Still & Know That I Am God.

“From the Breatharian viewpoint everybody is a Breatharian. The basic (aum) principle is that we… our real food is actually air. But the idea of The Breatharian Philosophy is based on… first you have to know the process of how to get the body to move to that state of being […]

The confusion is that people know Breatharians because they do have the capacity to live without eating… Some people can live (aum) for many years without eating and there are records of people that have done that […]

Everybody on the planet, everybody that’s incarnated into this world at this time are Breatharian. Because the term Breatharian simply means a person that Breathes. The most important thing, is the breathing, which is true for everybody one the planet.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Breatharian Is Simply One Who Breathes

Everybody is a Breatharian. Breatharian simply means one who breathes or one who can, under the proper conditions, live with or without eating physical food. The Breath of Life (i.e., The Breath of Love) represents the balance of in-flow and out-flow; representing the balance of spirit. Breath is perfect food/light/love for all human beings.

“The fact is, that there is only one thing that keeps the human body alive, and that is Breathing.

To feel at one with oneself is greater joy than any outside stimulation possible.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

“Breathology” Is Psychology

The word Psych is greek “means” Breath/Spirit. Psychology is literally an attempt to study the Spirit. Breath is the purest form of Spirit/Light within the illusion of physicality. All physical beings are Breatharian. Even all sealife are Breatharians because water is just a different form of Breath/Spirit.

“Breatharianism is spirituality. They are one and the same. The very essence of remembering yourself as a Breatharian goes hand and hand with the realization that we are Spiritual Beings sustain by The Breath of Life and that we are all one big family.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Breatharians Live On Light/Love

Everything within the universe works on a balance of a vibrational frequency called love. True love is alignment with the vibration of The Infinite Creator. Every dimension has a representation of this love. Within every dimension there are worlds of experiences. Every world of experience has a representation of that which is called unconditional love.

When the human being’s mind chooses higher vibrational thinking, the human being will harmonize with the higher vibrations the Creator’s light/love; then the human being’s body will then be a perfect representation  of a more harmonious light/love sound/light vibration. This will be a body that does not require water, sleep or food.

“The true digestion organ for a spiritual being is the heart. The primary distributor of physical energy for the bodies is through the heart center. There really was a time when humans lived on love alone.

Love is simply a type of emotional energy of a specific frequency that causes us to feel good. When we have enough of this energy we are complete.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Love and Light are one idea. The Breath of Life is The Breath of Light/Love. When man loves unconditionally, he is not subject to a conditional body. When man loves unconditionally, he is allowed to be, do or have whatever his higher mind truly desires; such as desiring freedom from water, sleep or food.

Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Wiley Brooks is the creator the word Breatharian and the creator of the Breatharian Philosophy (i.e., Breatharianism.) Wiley Brooks is initiator of The Breatharian American Movement. If there is anyone that has the authority to speak on ideas such as Breatharian & Breatharianism, it is and always will be Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Wiley Brooks was/is a Spiritual Teacher From The Fifth Dimensional Worlds. Wiley understood that we are all one, and if we are all one, then you are Wiley. If you are, or rather, since you are Wiley, then the Breatharian was actually a word that you gave to yourself through the idea of a reflection of God called Wiley Brooks.

Drinking, Sleeping or Even Eating Counters Pollution

It is can be more pf a challenge for a body to not require water, sleep or food when it is being polluted/taxed by a pollutants. For the purest water, if you are unable to find it from a pure natural unpolluted source, spring water or distilled water is the best water to drink. Distillation can remove nearly all impurities from water.

“When the body reaches its most perfect state, it neither requires sleep nor water. However, when one is not in a per­fect environment, such as in a city, it is necessary to con­tinue with both. Drinking liquids of all kinds can also lead your health on a downward direction. Distilled water is the safest liquid to drink. It does less harm to the body than any other liquid.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Every Cause Is Within Y/our Consciousness

Each soul has a mind/body/spirit complex to play with. Creation is Consciousness experiencing itself from different points of view (i.e., different angles/angels/perspective of light. Consciousness is not within the body. Consciousness focuses through the physical body to play the Earth Game.

Your total beingness does not exist within a body. You are a being that transcends the idea of space/time and time/space. You are experiencing the world as an illusion of what you truly exist as. There is no reality; it is all a dream. You are the dreamer. and the designer of the rules to the dream/game that you are now playing.

“I had always heard that the human body was created by the Creator in perfection. And obviously, if something is created perfect, there is nothing you can do to it but make it less perfect. And that’s exactly what man has done. The body was created perfect; it needed nothing but the breath of life which comes from our, the creative source, God or, universal intelligence or whatever name you want to put on it. In that state man was perfect, and all that we have done to it, is that we have taken it from that perfect state to a lower point of consciousness; and that is why our environment and everything that is in our lives are where they are because of the quality of our blood. Clearing up the problem, does not happen by trying to do it from the outside. It must be done from the inside. Man’s environment is the direct representation (or the reflection) of what man is himself.

So actually to clear up our environment it is necessary to clean up the blood of the people.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Every Change Is Total

Rearranging anything from the form, the size, the temperature, the color, etc. will change and alter its vibration completely. Syntax is the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language. The following same letters are used but create two different words: dog – god. Every change is a total change.

Food is also dependent upon the arrangement. The grower of the food affects the vibration. The person or institution who cooks the food affects the vibration. The way the food is plated affects the vibration. What the food is plated on affects the vibration. Everything affects the vibration and if you are sensitive to vibration, you will feel the vibration of everything.

Everything Is Here and Now

Space and Time are illusions created by your consciousness shifting through billions of self-made parallel realities per second. Space and Time are illusions that you/we-all created so that you/we-all could experience the process of becoming Source from a specific point of view. This is why the true goal in life is the journey or the process of life itself.

God Is The Source of Life

All foods and all liquids are stimulants. All stimulants given to the body are reflections of certain states of being that the body can obtain through the power of the mind when the body knows it can. Stimulants that are used as a crutch eventually lead to death. Only life can give life and life is not in matter, life is in the thing that made matter (i.e., The God/Life Force Within It All.)

“Food is not life; food in itself is the end result of life; the effect of life. Life is the cause, and food is the effect of that cause. Let me assure you that you cannot get life from something that is not a source of life itself. […] Our bodies do not live by the food we eat. This is a nutritional fallacy. Food simply acts as a stimulant to our bodies.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Happiness & Health Is The Point

The point of the Breatharian Philosophy (i.e., Breatharianism) is not about whether or not we live long or whether or not we eat, sleep and drink. The point of the Breatharian Philosophy is to understand the self (i.e., The Kingdom of God that you are,) and understand what food is and isn’t; allowing us to live in eternal bliss and perfect health.

All of the things we’ve heard about we must get old and we must get weak, and I think I heard when I was a younger person that a man is twice a child and once a man, and that is not the case. When a person gets older and wiser, he should get younger, he should not die in an unhealthy body. And this is very important. This issue here is not whether I want to die early or whether I will live a long time or not. But the quality of life that I live is the most important thing. And there is no way of having perfect health or perfect happiness without having perfect health.

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Heaven Is Here & Now

You originally existed as a multi-dimensional spiritual being operating from a basis of a Fifth-Dimensional Perception (i.e., a higher vibrational thought.) This is why you originally existed on an Earth that was perfect (i.e., Earth Prime.) You originally existed on a Earth that exist in the Fifth-Dimension. At this moment, the specific Earth that you see is the Earth that you are vibrationally aligned with.

Joy Is Within

Food can only stimulate you but it can not truly make you happy. Only your willingness to truly know yourself as one with your Creator and all of Creation can truly make you happy. Therefore, the use of food (or any “external” means) as an attempt to fill a perceived empty void within or to dull the sensation of “non-bliss” is pointless.

“To feel at one with oneself is greater joy than any outside stimulation possible.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Living On Breath or Living On Light

There is really no difference between living on The Breath of Life and Living on Light. The Breath of Life is just the perfect representation of light in physical form. Light is really just the love essence of the Infinite Creator in energy form. Breathing is symbolic to taking in light (i.e., inhaling) and sharing light (i.e., exhaling)

Psychology of Eating

Depending upon the person, food simply stimulates the mind/body towards a certain state of being. As one becomes more aware of what is going on within them, they can choose to create the state of being within them without the “external” symbols. Depending on anything external for your feeling of joy is a dis-eased state of being.

Foods that you eat do not cause dis-ease within you; the foods you choose to eat or not eat only reflect back to you the state of being you are choosing right now. You are what you think. What you think determines the vibration that you are. Your vibration determines the choices you make or do not make.

The Law of One

The Law of One may states that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator. You are everything, you are every feeling, and you are every circumstance. You are. This is The Law of One.

“We Should Know There Is Only One Power, And That Is God.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

The Lighter The Body, The More Energy It Has

The heavier the food, the lower its vibrations, causing the body to decrease its general output of energy. Eating lighter foods brings a harmonious balance to the body and the lighter the body, the more energy it has. Foods that are lower are carbohydrates (i.e., lower in glycemic index) tend to be lighter foods.

A good example of raising the body’s vibrations and its energy was shown when Wiley Brooks did a demonstration of lifting 1100 pounds of weight on the TV program “That’s Incredible;” nearly ten times his own body weight. This was done after Wiley Brooks performed fasting and meditation up on a mountain.

“I just became obsessed with the idea of finding out why we die. And so as I looked around I noticed most of the people that actually had any knowledge about this type of thing always fasted. So I decided to try fasting and see what would happen. And sure enough, the first fast I did, which was about ten days, I ended up having ten times more energy.

I happen to be living at the time on muscle beach in California, where the body builders workout, and I decided one day to go out and see if I could lift any weight. So I went out to the weight lifting pin, I start putting on the weights, and the first time I was out I noticed as I put the plates on the weights got lighter. So the very first time I walk into the weight lifting pin, I ended up with 800 pounds on the bar.

At the time we had Arnold Swagneager, Mr. T, a lot of the other, you know, professional body builders, and to them I was sort of like a joke because I’m a little skinny lifting all that weight; but when I started lifting 1100 pounds of weight I started to get a little attention. Before I fasted I couldn’t lift probably 50 pounds I never even tried to.

So then I had a whole new (aum) direction to look in because now I needed to find out why it is I eat less, and suddenly, without any other disciplines I am ten times stronger.

We eat because we don’t have enough energy. But what happens when you’re in the Sun which is a natural energy source for all living things right? When you have enough Sun, then the energy in the body rises to the point where you don’t have an appetite, so there’s no need to eat. That doesn’t mean I have not been eating for thirty years. My purpose for eating is to lower my frequencies, not to increase it. It’s almost like for me it’s necessary to not be too healthy because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go out and be anywhere. ”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Thorough Detoxification

90% to 99.99% of all disease is created by an overly toxic body. In general, once you detox the body of toxins through a proper fast, a proper low carb fruits & vegetable cleanse, or any other form of detoxing, the body will heal itself of whatever illness. If, after a detox, the body has not healed itself, the one can look at investigating emotions or environment.

Timeline of Annunaki

There are many different timelines and many different versions of specific timelines. For some, the timeline of the Annunaki is one of interest. We will tell you the timeline of the Annunaki from the Breatharian’s Perspective. This is just a story to maybe provide a joy and peace to those of whom maybe desire clairty of thought when they think of Anunaki and Breatharian History.

Around 500,000 years ago, a select few number of Annunaki beings came to Earth for Gold. In mining for Gold these extra-terrestrial beings (Annunaki) felt they would need help with the mining of Gold while they were on Earth. As the Annunaki were mining for Gold, their eyez gazed upon a being (i.e., Homo Erectus) that could potentially solve their problem.

To create a workforce, they thus then altered some of the natural hominid Homo Erectus that were already native to planet Earth; the Homo Erectus genetic structure was altered to create the Homo Sapien (human beings) by giving Homo Erectus some of the Annunaki DNA (i.e., energy template.) This began in the areas of the Middle East and African Continent.

The population of the Homo Erectus that wasn’t altered by the Annunaki evolved into the form we now call Sasquatch. The Homo Erectus that was genetically altered into Homo Sapien was given DNA that allowed the body, if activated by the mind, to live solely on the love and light energies of The Infinite Creator. Some Homo Sapien adored this ability and lived this way.

Others consumed fruits and vegetables as an optimal food. Eventually, as the consciousness of this timeline spiraled down, many beings went from consuming fruits and vegetables to other plants foods, to animal meats, and then to other forms of so-called food. So, the unaltered Homo Erectus evolved into Sasquatch while the altered Homo Erectus are human beings.

“The return to Breatharianism is a step-by-step process. We did not stray from this way of life overnight. We have evolved through five stages since that time. In the beginning was Breatharianism. Man was in perfect balance with his Creator. The second stage was Liquidarian, when man began to take in the universal drink of life. This was followed by Fruitarianism, when man began to partake of the fruit of the land. Then came vegetarianism, as man became tiller of the soil. The last was Carnivorism as man became the ruler of the kingdom and all the plant and animal life thereon.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Trusting Feelings

Higher Mind is the aspect of one’s mind that is representative of The Mind of God. Higher Mind is of love, oneness and positivity. Lower mind is representative of The Fall. Lower mind is of fear, separation and negativity. The Human Being Earth experience was made by the Higher Mind to expierence what is and what isn’t love.

In order for clear communication from the Higher Mind to be, one must clear the mental chatter from their mind via meditation, and one can also engage in detoxing their body. Detoxing the body acts as a symbolic representation of ridding the mind of any impure vibrations that are not truly of the Spirit.

Cause and effect are one idea. When you create the effect (i.e., state of being,) the universe can will reflect back to you the cause. The process of any action towards raising the vibration of the body (i.e., detoxification) is an action to create an effect that will represent the cause of a mind that has restored wholeness.

“Until you purify the body of all poisons, it will be impossible to have enough clarity of mind to know “how” you really feel?”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

It is wise to be very discerning of your feelings. Your feelings can be your greatest friend or your greatest foe. If you will, do what you can to cleanse your mind via obtaining a “right” perception and meditation, and then do what you can to cleanse your body via a through detoxification of your body.

Parallel Realities

If you will, think of a movie filmstrip, each frame on the film strip is a Parallel Reality. Your consciousness acts as a projector in which your consciousness is projecting and shifting through billions of these parallel realities frames per second; this is what creates the illusion of space and time.

All parallel realities exist right now and you choosing which ones to perceive. Each arrangement of specific parallel realities frames creates an entire filmstrip. This filmstrip can be called a timeline. You can, and do all the time, rearrange the frames on the filmstrip all the time. This is how you “jump” timelines.

Your past and future are created from the vibrational momemtum of the present; depending op the momemtum of thoughts, feelings, and actions that you are choosing right now. If you are seeking to live in a world of loving kindness, become a being of loving kindness; a being without negative emotions but only joyous peace.

Rules To The Game

There are Physical Laws; these laws can be seen as Rules to the Earth Game. As consciousness, we all can override some or even all of these rules/physical-laws but many of our higher minds will choose to abide by the rules that already exist; rules such as chemitry an gravity are rules that we all agree to place upon ourselves.

“What good is a game if you can just change the rules?”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

Wiley Brooks Ate Food & Always Said That

During the Breatharian Tomorrow Show Interview, Tom Snyder mentioned that Wiley Brooks would have an occasional glass of fruit juice. While being interviewed, Wiley stated that he was not against eating and that he didn’t recommend fasting (i.e., dry fasting) until the blood of the body is cleansed.

Wiley made it clear that he was all against eating, and that he was not telling people to live a life without eating. Following the year of the Tomorrow Show interview, Wiley released his Breatharian Yellow Diet via his book Breatharianism: Breathe and Live Forever in which published a detoxification program tha included eating food.

Later on, in his later years while being interviewed by Bill Jordan, Wiley Brooks stated that the purpose of making it known that man could live without drinking, sleeping, or eating was for the purpose of opening up people’s mind to the idea that human beings could do something far beyond what we have been taught to believe.

Within the book Breatharianism: Breathe and Live Forever, Wiley listed the fruits and foods he experimented with for 17 years (from around 1964 to 1981) in which he had discovered himself as a Breatharian. Clearly, if anyone were to read this wonderful book, you would know that Wiley did eat foods and that he would have never asked anyone to starve themselves to death.

“When the body reaches its most perfect state, it neither requires sleep nor water. However, when one is not in a perfect environment, such as in a city, it is necessary to continue with both. It is necessary to rest the body when its energy is low. It is possible to completely rejuvenate the body when one reaches the state of a practicing Breatharian. Our bodies have the ability to adapt to a specific lifestyle, be it good or bad.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

You Are Creating The Universe/World

You experience creation in a unique way because you are a unique perspective/point of view of All-That-Is. All-That-Is created your soul (i.e., total being) so that it could expierence itself as the expression of itself called you. Therefore, All-That-Is’ only will for you is to be joyously yourself so that it can joyously be itself.

“I Am The Lord, Thy God, And Creator of The Universe.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

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