Sustained by The Breath of Life

Breatharian Philosophy

Breatharianism is the philosophy that teaches that when man aligns with his or her natural state of being, man will be in perfect harmony with The Infinite Creator, and require no water, sleep or foods.

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About The Breatharian Philosophy (i.e. Breatharianism)

Breatharianism is the philosophy that teaches that when man aligns with his or her natural state of being, man will be in perfect harmony with The Infinite Creator (i.e., Creative Source), and require no water, sleep or foods. During the 1980s, the word Breatharian along with the Breatharian Philosophy was invented by Wiley Cecil Brooks. Wiley Brooks is the founder of Breatharianism.

Wiley Brooks stated that the purpose of making it known that man could live without drinking, sleeping or eating was for the purpose of opening up people’s mind to the fact that human beings could do something far beyond what we believed we could do. The core crux of Breatharianism is to teach that we are all God In The Flesh.

Within the human being artfully and spiritually masters remaining in alignment with unconditional love, ecstasy, joy, passion, and peace, the human being will actually become the true human being and restore awareness of the natural divine nature; once again remembering the true self by reclaiming that I Am God & You Are God.

Although many may think that Breatharianism is about living on air alone while not drinking water, not sleeping and not eating solid foods, this is the result of the mankind fully stepping back into the higher vibration of its own being. No longer requiring water, sleep or food to physically live in the human body is a result of one living in such a high vibrational state of being.

There is a source of energy within and all around the human body that the human body can utilize and does utilize when one is in the pure vibration of unconditional love and ecstasy. One can simply absorb light and sound directly from The Breath of Life. When man realizes how powerful man truly is, the idea of nutrition from physical food will be replaced with nutrition from The Creator.

Human beings are not human bodies. The human body is an instrument that the human being uses to express the natural characteristics of joy, freedom and growth. All human beings are, whether they know it or not, are multidimensional, interdimensional, beings of love and light, and their natural state of being is that which requires no need for water, sleep or foods.

The human body is lives primarily on the air that it breathes. However, each human being is not consciously aware of this, and therefore, they have taken the habit of drinking water (and other liquids), unconsciously resting (sleeping) and consuming food as a need. Consuming these substances is not a need, but only a habit and a choice. As one’s vibration rises, the desire food decreases.

According to The Father of Breatharianism (i.e., Wiley Brooks), another definition for Breatharian is simply one who breathes. Everyone is a Breatharian even if they are still consuming drinking, sleeping or consuming certain foods. Even if they think they are not a Breatharian and don’t know the word, they are a Breatharian because they are the vibration of what a Breatharian is.

Breath is your natural food. The breath is the spirit in its lightest physical form and it is the lightest spiritual food perfectly designed for man. All other foods are denser and, while still valid and healthy choices, a heavier vibration of food for the body to digest. The air that you breathe is a divine gift from the Source that you are.

Nutrition is a myth. The human being receives nothing but a psychological and physical stimulation from food, not nutrition. However, if you believe you need food for nutrition, you will then need food for nutrition. Depending upon your state of being, you may require sustenance if your state of being is not completely aligned with the vibration of your true self (i.e., the vibration of unconditional love).

When you consume food, it consumes you. You take it into your world and it takes you into its world. You take it into another dimension and it takes you into its dimension. Every time you consume food, before it even enters your mouth, the vibration of the food is altered (i.e., programmed) by your current state of being and your beliefs about the food that you are consuming.

Consuming food is habitual, and can be an act of lower vibrational choices. Depending upon the person anyone who is desiring a sense of joy and comfort from the food instead of being their own source of joy and comfort is, generally, using food as a distraction from their own inner imbalances. It is not really about what someone eats, but why and how much they eat.

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