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Breatharian Institute of America offers an enormous range of scientific and spiritual tools for spiritual growth.


Learn the Quantum Divining Technique aka the Wiley Technique of Divining.

This is a weekly series hosted by Brandon Dey, Teacher and Director of the Breatharian Institute of America.

This is a course on “The Basics”. You will learn about the Quantum Catalog that is developed Within, how to set it up and how to utilize it. Once this is done, this Technique becomes very fast and accurate. This class will discuss the QDT principles and benefits, and we will also be hands-on working with the Technique within the class.

To attend, students must either purchase a Quantum Divining Pendulum (QDP) from the Institute, or come without a QDP, prepared to utilize this Technique through the physical body. Body Divining is also known as Body Dowsing, and this quantum system readily translates directly through the body.

Quantum Divining Technique Presented by Brandon Dey is based on the dynamic use of reference points and harmonics. Once certain points of reference are established, the diviner can utilize the spin of the pendulum to determine the ‘pull’ of any object, thought form, etc.

In finding which ‘direction’ a thing resonates from, the practitioner can find objects as well as foods that will keep the ascension, or upward moving process going, without adding in things that pull one ‘down’.

This is a paradigm shift and a step away from the classic yes/no form of dowsing, and methods that change the energies of objects. However, it can be used with other forms of dowsing in order to quantify, with great accuracy, and identify things in their simplest forms, without ever asking a question!

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Private Classes

My time is yours. Ask whatever you like about the Breatharian Institute or Wiley, but if you want the biggest bang for your buck, take your own private class with Brandon and hone in your divining skills.

One-on-one time can help Brandon define clearly to you, where your blocks might be, as well as help to remove them. If he feels you need a healing session or a space clearing session, he will make these recommendations, accordingly. Brandon is an excellent problem solver and it is his pleasure to help you get that which you truly desire.

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