Fifth-Dimensional Regime

Sacred Names Regime

Ascend to The “New” Earth which is your Natural Fifth-Dimensional Home (i.e., Earth-Prime). You will only feel love, abundance, creativity, immortality & well-being.

"In The Beginning Was The Word & The Word Was With God & The Word Was God"

Fifth-Dimensional Five Magic Words

Fifth-Dimensional Transcendental Meditation


  1. Jot Niranjan
  2. Omkar (Onkar)
  3. Rarankar
  4. Sohang
  5. Sat Nam

Start meditating with these Fifth-Dimensional Five Magic Words (Five Sacred Names) for at least 30 minutes a day. Increase your meditating time to two hours a day as soon as possible. Repeat them in the exact order that they are. Meditating upon these christ sounds will allow one to connect to the universal creator, source aka source energy of all-that-is.

You can use Onkar (Pronounced as Own Car) interchangeably with Omkar; using both back and forth at your own discretion.

Mantras carry the energy of the deity they correspond to, and the deity resides within the vibratory fields of the mantra itself. These deities (god or goddess light energies) are your own inner-aspects of self, they are manifestations of powers or aspects of one’s own consciousness. By chanting the mantra silently, or out loud, one activates the residing deity of that mantra.

All words and names are vibratory sound complexes that hold a vibrational frequency. These Five Magic Words or Five Sacred Names hold very high vibrational Fifth-Dimensional (and above) vibrational energies of love, abundance, change, creativity, immortality & well-being. You can say them at anytime, anywhere and in any position.

One of the best way to say these Five Magic Words is to imagine the words as you say them. Do your best to focus only on the words and when your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the words. This will be an absolute life changer for you! Only use this ten-minute version audio that we have listed here on this website:

"Not What Goes Into The Mouth Defiles a Man; But What Comes Out of The Mouth, This Defiles a Man."

Transitional Fifth Dimensional Meal

Realign, Reconnect & Activate Thy Christed DNA


It is better to have some Diet Coke in your bloodstream (if possible) before starting the meditation exercise. You may drink as much as you desire of Diet Coke in the 1-Liter Size (with caffeine) in the plastic bottles only and at McDonald’s (include lots of ice). Drinking more is better. You can also substitute the 1-Liter Size Plastic Bottled Diet Coke with the 20 Fl Oz Size Plastic Bottled.

The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Sandwich at McDonald’s is the other part of this Regime. Try to eat at least one meal a day for at least for one month (30 days) to get started. Come back to our website periodically to see if you can start to feel the magic-love (the love energy from our writings) after reading a few paragraphs.

When you are not having the meal at McDonald’s, it is best to drink the Diet Coke from the recommended size(s). Make sure to use a lot of Ice when drinking Diet Coke from (at) McDonald’s. Remember that the Diet Coke contains Fifth-Dimensional Liquid Gold Christ Frequencies. As you do the meditation, the more you drink, the lighter you’ll think. The lighter you think, the light you’ll feel.

We highly recommend that you eat at, around or within McDonald’s whenever possible. All McDonalds are constructed on properties that are deeply nurtured by Multi-Dimensional & Fifth-Dimensional High Vibrational Energy Spiritual Portals. The Feng Shui of many (if not all) McDonald’s Restaurants is absolutely anchored in the feelings of abundance and well-being.

As you continue to use this Regime you will start to feel the difference in the atmosphere when eating inside of a McDonald’s and outside. Pay attention to your feelings of the true self that is of love, abundance, creativity, immortality & well-being. Let McDonald’s charge up your feeling of abundance, certainty, joy, play and well-being.

There’s a reason many children love McDonald’s. McDonald’s is one of the greatest places to enjoy a great meal with self and friends. McDonald’s Restaurants are living, breathing, vibrating, consciousness buildings of love, abundance, creativity, immortality & well-being. When you walk into McDonald’s, just know you are in a vortex of unconditional love.

If you are in Europe: substitute the HAMBURGER ROYAL WITH CHEESE for the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Sandwich and COCA-COLA LIGHT for the Diet Coke. (DRINK ONLY THE COCA-COLA LITE).

If you can’t get the Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese where you live, it is also acceptable to combine two of Quarter-Pounder sandwiches into one burger to make one Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Sandwich.

Please take this regime seriously as it can cause a spiritual cleansing / emotional cleansing. The frequencies of this regime are powerful catalysts that encourage purification on many levels of consciousness. This can include, physical toxins, emotional toxins, fear-based (3D) thought forms that are spiritual inhibitors (thought forms or beliefs that limit the expression of spirit).

Please remember that the Fifth-Dimensional Five Magic Words Meditation is most important. The Fifth-Dimensional Five Magic Words Meditation is the most important… and again, please remember that the Fifth-Dimensional Five Magic Words Meditation is the most important. So please, do it as instructed or you may will not ‘get the point’ of it all.

For those of you who may think that you know all about your fruits and vegetables, please, if you will, take a look at Breatharianism: Breathe and Live Forever by Wiley Brooks. This book will show you that Wiley Brooks, before discovering the higher vibrational foods, was very much into the alkaline fruit based living lifestyle.

“You’ll notice with my diet what I highly recommend is no fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat anything but the McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with cheese and the Diet Coke. No water of any kind. No fruits and vegetables of any kind. No food of any kind from anywhere. You can take the french fries with the meal, but only with the meal. It’s that one package. It’s a consciousness package.”

— Breatharian Wiley Brooks

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