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Breatharian Jeshua Sabalie

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Jeshua’s interest in Breatharianism is foundational to his involvement of helping others relieve themselves of so-called incurable diseases.

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With the support of his lovely wife, Jeshua’s interest in the Breatharian Philosophy (i.e., Breatharianism) is foundational to his involvement of helping others rid themselves of a wide range of so-called incurable mental and physical diseases. During and after healing a rather large number of people with the assistance of his herbal formulas (iHerbal Arts), Zakai found Breatharian Wiley Brooks.

Originally, as an initiation into the metaphysical world or spiritual enlightenment lifestyle, Zakai was trained to understand the self more by Epoch Hotep and Mali Wae. It was by their continuous care and ways of responding to life that Zakai was guided to want to know more and more about what he was learning. Zakai took it upon himself to begin experimenting with his health via self-cleansing.

After successfully healing himself of certain physical imbalances (but mostly psychological imbalances), Zakai decided to pack up his bags; departing his biological family and home which resided in Tampa, Florida. The decision was to somehow start a health food store in the honor of ‘Alkaline Foods’ that Zakai had learned about from Taylor Budd (in which he met online after his original teachers).

Taylor Budd was an advocate for Breatharianism but it seemed merely to only be a vote to stop eating. Zakai, although he had performaned many fasts and fruit cleanses up to that point, was not interested in Breatharianism.

The idea of living a life without eating with not much more of a benefit than a slightly more healthy body than he already had wasn’t enough to motivate Zakai towards the Breatharian Lifestyle.

Being in California is what sparked Zakai’s idea to sell his own herbal formulas. Looking at the ingredients of Dr. Sebi Cell Food’s products while desiring to buy every product brought Zakai to a point of wanting to make his own products. Zakai’s first client to purchase his products goes by the name of Alexandria L.  Noel who was dealing with a range of health challenges that are private unto her.

Due to his immense success that sparked rather quickly online, Zakai was now online money making machine. Eventually, Zakai also teamed up with his client Wil It was a phone call with his mother that convinced him to come home, help her with her restaurant, while Zakai kept building his business.

Upon returning to Tampa and constantly talking with Wil about the Earth’s Ascension into a higher density of light (i.e., fourth-density). Zakai longed for this Earth Ascension to happen immediately. The beauty that Wil described of the Ascended Earth allowed Zakai’s heart to sing. It was then, that Zakai met Jeff Pierre online; a man who claimed to be a Breatharian.

Jeff Pierre gave Zakai a Fifth-Dimensional Diet to follow, and with doubt and desire to understand, Zakai looked up the diet and found it on Breatharian Wiley Brooks’ website. How excited was Zakai To find the man that came up with the term Breatharianism (i.e., Wiley Brooks).

Just like watching Dr. Sebi’s videos, Zakai watched Wiley Brooks over and over. Zakai couldn’t get enough of the interesting information about the different dimensions of consciousness, extraterrestrial life, etc. that Wiley Brooks talked about on his website. Zakai, although still in much fear about it, was convinced that he would attempt this diet and meditation regime. To his surprise, it was amazing!

While on the regime, Zakai and his wonderful wife from United Kingdom’s London, grew closer and closer via Facebook. Zakia was even able to convince Kimaya that she should do the regime and see how she felt. Kimaya was recently a client of Zakai’s, she had felt the great results of Zakai’s iHerbal Arts Fasting regime, and so, she trusted his word on this one. Plus, she also found it exciting!

What Kimaya and Zakai both experienced on this regime was something that words can not articulate. It was as if all of their true desires for being came to the surface and their lack beliefs tended to fade away. Their interest in the ascension process drastically increased. Their constant donations towards Wiley Brooks and calling of Wiley Brooks phone was an expression of their deep interest.

… to be continued

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