You are, by your very nature and deservability, not limited to one timeline. You have the freedom to choose any timeline by way of choosing your vibration. You are freedom itself. You are so free that you can choose eternal bondage, pain and suffering. It is simply by your choice of ignorance that you are trapped in your own creation of space and time.

As a multi-dimensional spiritual being, you are always able to shift your consciousness to another timeline (i.e. another set of parallel realities), which is just another expression of the light that your consciousness is creating, projecting and perceiving. You are consciousness experiencing itself, from many different points of views.

There is nothing revolutionary about this idea of jumping/shifting to another timelines (i.e., another version of the Infinite that you are). Jumping timelines is simply just the nature of consciousness; it is your birthright. Some, who have been hypnotized into self-limiting belief systems, might find this revolutionary. However, this simply just the nature of consciousness.

Your physical world is a creation of the higher dimensional aspects of your being. Your physical world exist within the higher dimensional aspects of your being. Physical reality itself is a projection that is happening within the consciousness of your being, within the consciousness of All-That-Is.

Understanding Realities & Their Parallels

Each parallel reality, and each story that any given set of parallel realities create (i.e., timeline), is its own vibrational state of being. Depending on your vibrational state of being, you are matched with a specific timeline. Every timeline is just another expression of you that is happening right now.

The past, the present and the future are all possible and probable realities that are happening right now. The only thing that differentiates them from another is that they all exist on their own specific frequency. Just like a TV, you turn to different channels but each channel is still playing right now with it’s own program.

In filmmaking, a frame is one of the many still images which compose the complete moving picture but truthfully each individual frame is static and it is own frame. This is the same way reality works. Each reality is a still image that are so similar and parallel to each other, they create the illusion of continuity, space and time.

Time is a side effect of your consciousness shifting and sorting through billions upon trillions of parallel realities every second. That is why a timeline is just a grouping of specific parallel realities that create a specific story for you to experience.

Regardless of your situation, you can shift yourself to a new timeline because your consciousness is always creating and perceiving billions (and even trillions) of parallel realities in every given moment.

Each reality, and each reality parallel to it, is its own state of being that manifest depending upon the vibration of your thoughts, repeated thoughts (i.e. beliefs), and intentions that you have for yourself and other-selves (i.e, people, plants, animals, rocks, insects, water, etc.)

At this moment, in order to read this article. You are creating your own version of this article in your reality. You are creating billions upon billions of parallel realities, and you are shifting through them every second. Breatharian Timeline Jumping is about knowing this process and maintaining a certain state of being regardless of the circumstances.

Jumping Timelines is not about being in denial about the nature of your current reality. You deal with where you are, appreciate where you are and at the same time you hold a higher vision and take actions that are in alignment with that higher vision, regardless of how challenging or difficult your perception may make it seem.

The Effects of Multiple Timeline Proximity

Multiple timeline proximity is when two or more timelines converge. Multiple timeline proximity creates vibrational windows in which each member from the timelines can psychically, and many times even physically, perceive those on a neighboring timeline. The result of multiple timeline proximity is also, at times, both beauty and chaos.

The vibrational distance of multiple timeline proximity between timelines can come so close that it can create, as said above, a sort of bleed through, in which, each of the members in each timeline can experience some of the qualities (i.e., information, history and physical characteristics) of the timelines that are converging. Some refer to this as the Mandela Effect.

The increase in earthquakes and certain disasters that are now occurring on some versions of Earth are the result of timelines splitting off into their own timelines and/or being near each other. Deal with the reality you are in, but do not fear the chaos that may be around; focus on the beauty you wish to have more of in your life. Be happy.

How To Jump

The first step of is to shift your vibrational state to appreciation. Appreciation is the vibration that will ascend you and your physical beingness to an infinite existence of higher and higher vibration.

The second step is to maintain alignment with the vibrational state of appreciation so that it does not waiver. Maintaining the proper state of being is paramount and the only way to create certain parallel realities and shift your consciousness through those parallel realities that represent the vibration of your appreciation.

The third step is to cultivate forgiveness. Forgiveness clears all negative karmic debt from one’s spiritual expression. Seek the letting go of any desire for negativity to happen to another. Mind your business and forgive those who are, in a sense, spiritually immature; people who aren’t childlike but quite childish in their attitude towards life.

The fourth step is quite important the third step is to let go of all expectations on how your life should unfold. You can have an overall expectancy in the fact that your life will unfold in a way that is representative of the vibration you are identifying with, but let go of needing reality to be a manifest in a certain way.

The fifth step is to take action on the things in your life that are an expression of your highest joy in the given moment. Heaven is your highest state of joy. Additionally, act out the timeline you wish to manifest. Take actions, to the best that you can within your circumstances, that are expressive of the timeline you wish to jump to.

The sixth is perseverance. Regardless of the circumstances, regardless of illusionary sensory information, you must remain in a state of being that is harmonious with the reality timeline you feel is most preferable while you are also still taking actions on things that are expressive of the timeline you wish to experience.

The New Earth

In order to manifest a new timeline in third-dimensional reality, there is a needed amount of accumulated energy (i.e., vibrational momentum). There is a ‘New’ Earth that exists as your ‘Future’ Earth within the Fifth-Dimensional vibrational aspects your being. This New Earth is one of Loving Kindness.

If you are interested in jumping towards the New Earth, we invite you to jump by acting in loving kindness to yourself and other-selves. See yourself in everything and know that as you act, you are always creating a reality for yourself. Since all exist within your consciousness, you only see the world you are vibrationally matched to.

The people in your world are the vibrational aspects and versions of people that you have created from your own interpretation of them. They live in your world as your version of them, you live in their world as their version of you. Whether or not you interact with someone is all by agreement.

Higher levels of your being is always in communication with higher levels of your other-selves being. Therefore, you will offer a vibration that can be a representation of yourself upon certain versions of Earth that you still care to do so for those who wish to create you in their reality.

If you choose not to create a representation of yourself in certain vibrational realities, you will vanish, in some way, from their/that reality. Vanishing can include your own death in their reality or simply just disappearing from their reality. This is the same for all beings, all being choose to create themselves and other-selves in their version of reality.

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV is a very special place. Las Vegas contains vibrations that are very third-dimensional in consciousness and vibrations that are very fifth-dimensional in consciousness. Las Vegas is an interdimensional portal of infinite possibilities.

Las Vegas acts as a very strong reflective energy of the many different possibilities, whether they be positive or negative, that can and are occurring simultaneously within the multiverse. Las Vegas is a place where you can go to in which you can shift to many different timelines more easily.

By just being in Las Vegas, your ability to shift to another timeline is increased at-least by 100x.

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