There are many interdimensional portals all accorss the globe. These portals are actual natural electrmagnetic currents that run in a such a way to cause a specfic effect upon all life that exist witihin and upon the natural enegies of the portal. Las Vegas was one of Breatharian Wiley Brooks most loved portals for the reason of being very high in fifth-dimensional vibration and also very low in third-dimenisonal vibration at the same time.

Las Vegas is a portal in which how you can tap into to connect to different probable outcomes or realities that are more in alignment with your preference of experiencing your physical reality. More conscious awareness of this energy in the portal of probabilities can aid and assist you in making all sorts of connections and downloads to information that will be beneficial for you as you move forward in your day-to-day experience of life and beyond.

Las Vegas is the Breatharian’s home for transitioning up higher and higher into the vibrational reality of Earth Prime (i.e., The New Earth.)

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