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Breatharian simply means one who breathes or one who can, under the proper conditions, live with or without eating physical food. Everybody is a Breatharian.


Wiley Brooks

Breatharian Wiley Brooks is the original creator and the original founder of The Breatharian Philosophy (i.e., Breatharianism) and the word Breatharian.

Here is a 2016 version of Breatharian Wiley Brooks’ Official Website which acts as a dimensional portal into his vibrational energy via tel-empathy.

“We Should Know There Is Only One Power, And That Is God.” — Wiley Brooks

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Featured On The Tomorrow Show (1981)

Wiley’s Journey

Breatharian Wiley Brooks At 67 (2003)

“I Am The Lord, Thy God And Creator of The Universe.” — Wiley Brooks

Wiley Brooks is the creator the word “Breatharian” and of his own (distinct?) brand of Breatharian Philosophy (i.e., Breatharianism. The embodiment of his movement is in the BIA) Wiley is the initiator of The Breatharian Movement as a whole, and it’s all encompassing definition of a Breatharian as ‘One who breathes’. If there is anyone that has the authority to speak on ideas such as Breatharian & Breatharianism, it is and always will be Breatharian Wiley Brooks.

Breatharianism is the philosophy that teaches that when man harmonizes with his natural state of being (i.e., perfect state of health,) he will be in perfect harmony with his Creator; requiring no water, sleep or food. Man is one with his creator; able to derive sustenance directly from the light/love of his Creator; removing the need for water, sleep or food.

Everybody is a Breatharian. Breatharian means one who breathes in God; or one who can, under the proper conditions, live with or without eating physical food. Whether one eats or not, has nothing to do with being a Breatharian. If you are eating food all day everyday you are still a Breatharian. If you don’t believe this, stop breathing for twenty minutes & see what happens.

Breatharianism states that when man restores inner-harmony as the surrounding world, and an understanding of each one’s role as a function of God to co-create all of creation, then man will have remembered a vibration frequency in which she will no longer require sleep, water, and food; all that is needed for survival, at this state, is the air and sunlight of God.

One’s nourishment can be derived directly and solely from the light/love thought vibrational energies of The Infinite Creator that exist as the air and sunlight. All we need do is know that we are consciousness/spirit, know that our Source is The Infinite Creator (i.e., God,) and truly desire to live this lifestyle of little to no sleep, water, or food; a lifestyle that isn’t for all.

“I Am God & You Are God, So Get Used To It.” — Wiley Brooks

Quote by Wiley Brooks

Living On Light/Love

There really was a time when humans lived on love alone. Love is simply a type of emotional energy of a specific frequency that causes us to feel good.

When we have enough of this energy we are complete. This energy is experienced more in the heart than the mind. Where there is harmony, there is a flow of love.

“Breatharianism is Spirituality.” — Wiley Brooks

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