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Breatharian Philosophy

Breatharianism is the philosophy that teaches that when man aligns with his or her natural state of being, man will be in perfect harmony with The Infinite Creator; requiring no water, sleep or foods.

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by Wiley Brooks


Featured On The Tomorrow Show (1981)

Wiley Brooks

Breatharian Wiley Brooks At 67 (2003)

Read A Free 1982 Copy of Breatharianism: Breathe & Live Forever by Wiley Brooks

Breatharian Wiley Brooks Is Interviewed by Bill Jordan About Breatharianism, Air Quality, 2012 & 2020, Radiation and Much More.

Live & Retire On Earth Prime

"Empowered Ascension" or Immortality Initiation Workshops

To do this workshop you must be able to spend at least the first week traveling to special places throughout The Four Corners Region of America.

The workshop includes a visit to Earth Prime, which is in the Fifth-Dimension, in your physical body if your physical body is ready to go there.

The cost of the workshop is priced ranges from $10,000 to $100,000, and up. The pricing depends on the level of intensity you will experience.

The process starts with full receipt of the total cost of the workshop which must be received 15 days before the beginning date of the workshop.

“I Am The Lord, Thy God, And Creator of The Universe.” — Breatharian Wiley Brooks

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